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Plane rides were the bane of Gabriella’s existence. After that five hour plane trip from Hell, she had deemed that flying through Phoenix Sky Harbor was the absolute worst thing she has ever endured. Stale peanuts, crying babies that not even the blasting of Paramore could drone out, and minimal foot space shouldn’t have been worth it…but to see him? It was. Because that five hour cramped flight was leading her to the one person she wished to see more that anyone in the world. Kellin. He was worth it. Once the people in front of her shuffled off this death trap, she’d be walking down the terminal towards the boy who she has loved for the last couple months. Just at the thought, her heart jumped. He was just a couple hundred feet away, awaiting her arrival in what had to be a cramped boarding station. A large smile took over Gabriella’s features. Oh, God; she’s been waiting for this day for months. The day that she finally met her boyfriend. For the first time.

She knows how weird it is. How does she not know her boyfriend? That’s the thing: she does know him. She knows his favorite color and his favorite song and what he wants to do with his life. She knows his family and his fears and his dreams. She knows him better than she knows anyone else, and yet, they had never met face to face before. Never kissed or hugged; never had that intimate, physical attraction that most relationships seemed to thrive on. To be honest, it made this moment better. And for that, the lonely nights and the empty space in her heart (or arms) where that boy should be was worth it. Training her brown eyes ahead of her, Gabriella just about sighed in relief. Her main luggage would be waiting for her at baggage claim, after she saw the incredible boy she called her boyfriend. Her body just about scurried down the aisle after she grabbed her backpack. She physically looked tired. Her hair was a messy ponytail (what once had been a normal ponytail, but her short little nap ruined that), makeup minimal, and clad in an old shirt of his that he had sent her in a care package (little things in which they sent each other; his usually consisting of her favorite shirts on him and hers containing mix tapes she made; yes, mix tapes), and a pair of grey shorts that were basically hidden under the length of the plaid shirt, all brought together with the beat up grey Chuck Taylor’s she always wore.Taking a deep breath, she nodded, as if to reassure herself, and set off down the long hallway and into the arrival area. Her earlier suspicions had been confirmed; it was packed. Her eyes frantically searched the area, lower lip caught between her teeth. Feeling her phone buzz from her front pocket, Gabriella removed her phone from her jeans and read the text from Kellin. Okay…he as on his way. Smiling that massive grin of hers, she moved her way over to sit in one of the chairs, giddily waiting until she saw her boyfriend for the first time.


Of course Kellin got caught in traffic on the way to the airport. It was Los Angeles too which made it ten times worse then back in the boy’s hometown. He had one of the mix tapes that Bella had made him playing in the car and his fingers tapped absentmindedly on the wheel as it was going to be a long time until he got out of this jam. It gave him a chance to text his girlfriend that he was going a little late, but the thought of not being able to see her for a little while longer broke his heart. It was bad enough there whole relationship was long distance and now when he finally got to see her this had to happen! He should of chosen to live somewhere closer to her, preferably with a lower population of people. A honk was directed his way and the boy looked behind him to see an older lady flipping him off. He simply put his hands up in confusion as it wasn’t his fault that this had happened. “Jesus Christ..” Kellin sighed out in frustration as the light up ahead turned red once again.
By the time the blonde haired boy finally arrived at the airport it was thirty minutes later then than the time he was originally supposed to come at and mentally face palmed himself for taking such a long way. He now knew that he was going to take the other way home and if that route was filled with traffic too then he would have Bella in the passenger seat beside him. He bumped his head on the very low ceiling as he entered the building and groaned before taking off his hat and rubbing at the goose egg that would probably be forming any moment now. Slipping the beanie back on Kellin finally made it to the arrival area and his eyes widened at the number of people in the place. It was going to harder then he thought to spot his girlfriend in overwhelming crowd that just seemed to be getting bigger. He walked a little ahead so he wasn’t blocking the exit and took out his phone to text her. I’m here- is what was typed on his phone before his heart stopped at the sight of the love of his life. “Holy shit.” the boy cursed , trying not to bump into people as his eagerness was causing his once steady walk to pick up into a mad man run.

Kellin⇄Bella Para 001

To say Kellin was excited was a complete understatement. This was the day he had been waiting forever for since he started talking to Bella. They were finally going to meet each other face to face instead of the usual Skype chats or face time the two of them had grown so used to. Not only was it exciting, but also nerve wracking. What if when they met she didn’t feel the same way about him? Or if it was the other way around and he didn’t feel anything in a romantic sort of way. The boy was clearly over thinking this and needed to calm down and get ready to go pick her up from LAX.

Looking at himself in the bathroom mirror he felt accomplished. His usual styled quiff was hiding under a grey beanie as it was a bad hair day for him. Kellin decided on wearing a Nirvana muscle tank , black skinny jeans and black all star converse. He then walked out of the room and right outside the door, slipping into his car and reaching for his phone that was in his pocket. “I’m on my way to the airport! you’ve probably landed by now, so that’s why I’m texting you. :) he quickly sent a message on his phone to Bella before pulling out of the apartment garage and driving a little past the speed limit as his excitement still hadn’t died down. Hopefully he wouldn’t get stopped by the police on the way there.

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